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Waldorf Homeschooling Part 2: Learning to Let Go

On this week’s Sunday With Sarah I share further thoughts on Waldorf homeschooling, and the lessons I learned when I began to let go of sticking with a prescribed curriculum, and the idea of “Waldorf School at home.”

If you use a curriculum, how strictly do you follow it? Do you combine resources? Are you an unschooler? Please share what works for you!

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Waldorf Homeschooling: How to Choose a Curriculum

This week on Sunday With Sarah I share my thoughts on a few well-established curriculum resources for homeschoolers wishing to incorporate Waldorf methods.


Oak Meadow – A more mainstream homeschool curriculum with a Waldorf flavor.

Live Education – A curriculum developed by Waldorf class teachers. Waldorf school at home.

Christopherus Homeschool Resources – Developed by a Waldorf-educated, Waldorf-trained, homeschooling mother of two, who knows what it’s like to juggle being a mom, running a household, and educating one’s children. Highly recommended.

LifeWays North America – A wonderful resource for parents of children birth to age six. Offers a training program for parents and home caregivers, and a wonderful newsletter full of information.

Are you a homeschooler? An Unschooler? Do you use a curriculum? What’s working for you? Share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions here!

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Waldorf Homeschooling: Letting Go of Perfect

Waldorf Homeschool Classroom

©Sarah Baldwin

For most of their early childhood and elementary school years, my two boys attended a Waldorf school. But for two-and-a-half of those years, we were Waldorf homeschoolers.

Even though I spent years in teacher training, received a master’s degree in education, and read a plethora of books on child development and educational theory, I learned more about how children learn in those two years than from all the books and training combined.

I also found happiness in learning to be a “good enough” mother and teacher, and learned to let go of perfect.

Today, my first post as a guest contributor appears over at Simple Homeschool, documenting our experience as a Waldorf homeschoolers.

Hope you’ll drop by, and let me know what you think!

Waldorf Homeschooling: Learning to Let Go

Are you a Waldorf homeschooler? An Unschooler? What homeschool resources have you found helpful? I’d love to hear what’s working for you!

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