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Grandparents Love Photo Contest Winner!

Grandmother, granddaughters, kissing

"My Daughters only get to see their Beppe (Grandma) once or twice a year when she comes to visit from the Netherlands. They joy is unbounded every time she visits. They love they share is so precious!"

Congratulations to Kait De Luna Sea who submitted the winning photograph in Bella Luna ToysGrandparents Love Photo Contest on Facebook!

Kait’s photo of her children kissing their grandmother received the most votes and Facebook likes by a wide margin, and was chosen by our judges as the winner. Kait will receive a $100.00 gift certificate to Bella Luna Toys.

Thank you to all who submitted such beautiful and cherished photographs. Together they created quite a moving tribute to the love of grandparents.



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“Rhythm of the Day” in a Waldorf Kindergarten


As part of SimpleHomeschool’s ”A Day in the Life” series, I have contributed another guest post which appears today: “A Day in the Life of a Waldorf Kindergarten.”  I describe the “Rhythm of the Day” in a Waldorf kindergarten classroom. Or more specifically, a day in my Waldorf classroom. The picture I give is of a typical “Soup Day,” as the children would fondly refer to Tuesday.

Cooking in a Waldorf Kindergarten

© Sarah Baldwin

Names of the days of the week are a meaningless abstraction for young children, but the children in my class knew that Rice Day was always followed by Soup Day, and then in turn comes Bread Day, Millet Day and Oatmeal Day.

The children also knew that on Rice Day we painted, on Soup Day we chopped vegetables, on Bread Day we kneaded dough, on Millet Day we colored with beeswax crayons, and on Fridays we polished and cleaned our classroom. It was all part of the “Rhythm of the Week.”

Seasonally, the children would experience the “Rhythm of the Year” by preparing for and celebrating the festivals of the year—Michaelmas in September, All Hallow’s Eve, Martinmas, Advent, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and May Day. Festivals are a much more meaningful way for a child to mark the passage of a year than dates on a calendar.

Waldorf May Day Festival

© Sarah Baldwin

As human beings, we are creatures of rhythm—from the moment we are born, our hearts beat, our blood pulses, and our lungs beat to a steady rhythm. We give children a gift and nourish their healthy development by being mindful of a young child’s need for rhythm, and offering them consistency, and the comfort of knowing what comes next, as we move through our days, weeks, and years together with them.

How do you find ways to honor the rhythm of the days, weeks and years with your children? Do you find it challenging to be consistent? Please share your suggestions and struggles!

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Merry Christmas

Wow, what a year it’s been! During the past year, I have dedicated all my time and energy to helping Bella Luna Toys grow into my vision for it.

Last February, this blog was created. By May, I began work on building a whole new website for Bella Luna Toys that I’d hoped would feel as warm and welcoming as a Waldorf kindergarten classroom. I spent most of my summer in front of the computer adding new products, uploading photos, and writing and re-writing product descriptions. Finally, in mid-October the new site was launched after more than a year of planning and dreaming.

I barely had time to catch my breath before the holiday orders started pouring in—so briskly that I had to recruit the help of four angels and elves to help me get all the children’s presents wrapped and sent off in time!

Now, in these final days before Christmas, things are starting to slow down enough that I was able to enjoy some lovely time with family this weekend (eldest son Harper is home from college for Christmas!) and to help  “trim the hearth and set the table.”

I am filled with gratitude for all the words of support and appreciation that I received from so many of you along the way; to my husband Max for his love, encouragement, and good cooking; to Harper, Liz and Heather for their help in getting so many beautiful toys off to their new homes; and especially to Laurie Heriz-Smith for becoming my right-hand angel this season.

Wishing you and your families every blessing at Christmas time, a holiday filled with love and joy, and a new year full of play!


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