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Waldorf Books from Moon Child’s Book Shop

While I was teaching in a Waldorf school, I always had a lending library for parents in my classroom. It was my own personal collection of books on a variety of topics, including Waldorf education, child development, parenting, play, crafting and festivals, available for borrowing by parents.

While I carry a number of Waldorf books for children and parents at Bella Luna Toys, I cannot possibly carry all the books I think should be in parents’ hands, since Bella Luna Toys is primarily a Waldorf toys store. I would love to be able to lend you all my personal collection of books, but of course that would be impossible. So I’ve tried to come up with the next best thing.


One of the features I am most excited about here at “Moon Child” is my new online bookshop which features a collection of books carefully chosen by me on all of the above topics and more. These are books that I have read, worked with, and recommended to parents over the years, as well as more recent publications that I highly endorse.

Need a specific recommendation? Please don’t hesitate to ask! So many of these titles have brought help, healing and support to me on my own parenting journey, and have enriched the lives of my children and my family. I’m eager to share them with you.

If you love bookshops as much as I do, come on in and browse my collection of favorite Waldorf books!

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